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Bern-Mittelland (administrative district) - Wikipedia Bern-Mittelland (Die Justiz) Justiz - Kanton Bern About: Bern-Mittelland (administrative district) - dbpedia Old maps of Verwaltungsregion Bern-Mittelland Bern, Mittelland Watercolour World Bern-Mittelland District in the Canton of Bern was created on It is part of the Bern-Mittelland administrative region, and is the only district in the region. It contains 79 municipalities with an area of 946.30 km 2 (365.37 sq mi) and a population (as of 2017) of 413,143. Die Gerichtsregion Bern-Mittelland entspricht der gleich bezeichneten Verwaltungsregion gemäss Artikel 39a des Gesetzes vom. Juni 1995 über die Organisation des Regierungsrates und der Verwaltung (Organisationsgesetz, OrG) BSG 152.01. Die Amtssprache in der Region Bern-Mittelland ist deutsch. Bern-Mittelland (administrative district) - Simple English Canton of Bern - Wikipedia Template:Municipalities of the administrative district Sexe adulte gratuit site des rencontres amoureuses / Btte brecht Rencontre libertine rencontre échangiste Site de rencontre Chat Sex, gratuit, tchat, coquin, libertines Sexy - Chatintime It contains 96 municipalities with an area of 946.30 km2 (365.37 sq mi) and a population (as of 2015) of 406,328. Old maps of Verwaltungsregion Bern-Mittelland on Old Maps Online. Discover the past of Verwaltungsregion Bern-Mittelland on historical maps.

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The average rate for a one-room apartment was 619.82 CHF (US500, 280, 400 a two-room apartment was about 879.36 CHF (US700, 400, 560 a three-room apartment was about 1040.54 CHF (US830, 470, 670) and a six or more. East of the canton of Bern lie the cantons. The cantonal constitution reserves one seat in the Executive Council for a French-speaking citizen from the Bernese Jura. A fourth alpine pass, the Rawil pass, was added to the traditional three; the Grimsel, Brünig and Susten passes. Archived from the original on 14 February 2016. Bern still remained the largest canton of the confederacy from 1815 to 1979, when parts of the Bernese Jura broke away to form the canton of Jura. C Part of a coalition with Separatist Party d Part of a coalition with the FGA e Party fragmented, part remained in a coalition with the FGA and the remainder formed the Green Party of Bern. In 1358 the cash-strapped Count Peter II of Aarberg pawned the County of Aarberg to Bern. A wooden monastery was built over the complex in the 8th9th century. The area between Lake Biel and the Seeland.

in Switzerland, and 129,864.6 were born outside of Switzerland. In the Seeland and Aare valleys, wooden churches were first built during the Merovingian period. It is perhaps best known by foreigners and visitors for the. In the next year, Charles the Bold retook the castle and executed the Bernese garrison. Retrieved b c d e f g h "Regional comparison of selected indicators (Cantons)Kanton". The existing roads were expanded, especially the Aventicum - Vindonissa and the Petinesca - Augusta Raurica roads. 29 Of the population in the canton, 292,559 or about.6 were born in Bern and lived there in 2000. 33 Federal election results edit a FDP before 2009, e Liberals after 2009 b indicates that the party was not on the ballot in this canton. There were 172,829 Swiss women (44.5) and 2,794 (0.7) non-Swiss women. Swiss Federal Statistical Office. They entered into another treaty in 1393 with the Valais. During the Protestant Reformation, the Monastery was secularized in 1528.

In the same year, Fribourg accepted Berns acquisition of the Iselgaus,.e. As of 2006, the plans to expand a backyard mosque in Langenthal with a symbolic minaret have, as elsewhere in Switzerland, caused a public stir due to vocal opposition from local conservative and evangelical leaders. Important mesolithic sites in the Canton are at Pieterlenmoos and Burgäschisee lake along with alpine valleys at Diemtig and Simmental. After Rudolf's death (1375) Bern acquired clear right to the Aarberg lands from the other heirs. The ensuing conflict with the Old Swiss Confederacy (known as the Burgdorferkrieg or Kyburgerkrieg ) allowed Bern to move against the Habsburgs in Aargau. Further east, in the Haslital are the Aareschlucht and the town of Meiringen, famous for the fateful scene of Sherlock Holmes 's 'death' at the hands of Professor Moriarty on the nearby Reichenbach Falls. A number of Roman villas were built around the Canton. Two small Evangelical political parties are represented in the Bernese cantonal parliament. The jewelry that was buried included bracelets and rings which were also made of jet and lignite coal. By the 17th century in the Early Modern period, citizenship had become an inherited prerogative, all political bodies elected one another and officials were elected for life. In 1274, the Emperor Rudolph I of Habsburg, confirmed Bern's imperial immediacy. However, as the power of the Savoys declined at the beginning of the 15th century the land was occupied by site rencontres écologistes troops from Bern. Archived from the original (XLS) on 15 December 2008. District in Switzerland, bern-Mittelland District in the, canton of Bern was created on 1, it is part of the Bern-Mittelland administrative region, and is the only district in the region. Siege and execution of the garrison at Grandson In 1475, during the Burgundian Wars, the mountain regions of Saanen and Pays-d'Enhaut, who were allied with Bern, attacked and burned the tower of Aigle Castle. As there had been no previous separatist feeling amongst the conservative population, there was little enthusiasm for the new order. Böser Bund in Berner Oberland in German, French and Italian in the online Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. 28 See also edit Notes and references edit Arealstatistik Land Cover - Kantone und Grossregionen nach 6 Hauptbereichen accessed "stat-TAB Ständige und nichtständige Wohnbevölkerung nach institutionellen Gliederungen, Geburtsort und Staatsangehörigkeit" (online database) (official site) (in German and French). Initial visibility: currently defaults to autocollapse, to set this template's initial visibility, the state parameter may be used: statecollapsed: Municipalities of the administrative district of Bern-Mittellandstatecollapsed to show the template collapsed,.e., hidden apart from its title bar stateexpanded: Municipalities of the administrative. 5 Middle Ages edit Lands held by the main noble families around 1200 Further information: Medieval Switzerland During the 10th century, the Aare valley came fully under the Second Kingdom of Burgundy. The administrative district of, bern-Mittelland in the, swiss canton of, bern has 98 municipalities in an area of 947. However, in 1555 the last Count of Gruyère lost both districts to Bern when his county went bankrupt. The population was made up of 44,032 Swiss men (35.4 of the population) and 15,092 (12.1) non-Swiss men. The dioceses of Lausanne, Basel, Sion, Chur and Constance were all established before the new faith made inroads into the valley.

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Archived from the original (Interactive Map) on 24 September 2016. In 1723, Major Abraham Davel led a revolt against Bern, in protest at what he saw as the denial of political rights of the French-speaking Vaudois by the German-speaking Bernese, and was subsequently beheaded. Retrieved from " ". Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Federal Statistical Office - FSO. During the period between 10, at least ten large monasteries were founded by local nobles. However, in 1191 the Oberland barons revolted against Berchtold V of Zähringen and many of the Oberland barons were killed in the battle of Grindelwald. During the neolithic period, there were a number of settlements on the shores of Lake Biel, the Toteisbecken (Lobsigensee, Moossee, Burgäschisee and Inkwilersee) and along rivers ( Aare, Zihl ). France 1869, italy 1800s. The succession dispute following the death of Rudolph III in 1032 allowed the Salian kings to acquire the Kingdom of Upper Burgundy and with it the Aare valley.

paleba org berne mittelland

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After Charles' defeat at the Battle of Murten, Grandson became a shared territory between Bern and Fribourg. These are accessed from the lake town of Thun, and the most notable of them are Kandersteg with the Oeschinensee and Adelboden. Exchange rate from 2003). Aarberg (Herrschaft, Amtsbezirk) in German, French and Italian in the online Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. The canton is also home to a great number of small Evangelical Christian denominations unaffiliated with the state church. Histoire de la Suisse, Éditions Fragnière, Fribourg, Switzerland. Arni 935.44, b?riswil 1,065.72, belp 11,439.26, bern 133,798.61, biglen 1,814.61, bolligen 6,260.56, bowil 1,360.69 Bremgarten bei Bern 4,420.91 Brenzikofen 488.20 Clavaleyres.01 Deisswil bei M?nchenbuchsee.14 Diemerswil 202.86. Iron Age edit Helveto-Roman settlement Bern-Engehalbinsel During the Early Iron Age changes in climate forced the Hallstatt culture (800450 BCE) to abandon settlements along many waterways and in the valley floors and move to the plateaus and hills.